• musingsbymoonlight 9w

    Mist rises amongst the rain
    Snaking, swirling
    As if the river is smoking from below.
    Bubbling, a caldera
    Straight from the core of the earth herself
    Rising and giving way
    Only to be eaten by the long stretching
    Grey stratus clouds-
    Do you hear the ancient ways calling?
    Gatorade bottle and flesh encased in Styrafoam
    Plastic wrapped packages
    Lay strewn across our beaches
    Yet we can go catch our food and taste freedom
    In that same sea which we are forced to pollute
    Because we don't have the luxury to break free
    From this fossil fuel based economy
    Our ancestral knowledge of place
    So many links, so much wisdom
    Born into the glittering world
    Here we are left
    Picking up strands of pearls
    Yet with eyes so fogged
    We can barely make out what they truly are
    Shall we find their preciousness?
    Products of sand gritting against tender flesh
    Why have we so vehemently rejected the cosmic contract?
    Eat and you shall be eaten.
    Humble yourself child.
    As if it were possible to be anything
    Other than the
    Stardust you are
    Let your skin rip open as you howl at the moon in broad daylight-
    Look down and gaze at the swirling cosmos within you
    Don't you see those same stars are always around you
    Don't be tricked by the brightness
    Of sun and daylight
    The moon she is perpetually rising
    Right there beyond the thin blue line
    Swirling in inky blackness
    To be anything other than that wild void
    Is just an illusion

    ©Marie Françoise