• hallmark 5w

    I don't read books often, because I know that I would just find words that will define you; I know that I would just find you between the lines of a-promise-not-to-leave, among the prologue and epilogue that tell our story.

    I don't want to do things that will remind me of you, because if I do, every page will just speak your name; in every line of a poem, I know that you will be there. If I do, every chapter will just shout your voice, I'm afraid that while reading a book, your voice will speak the lines for me. If I do, every paragraph will tell our story, they will just make me reminisce our selfish arguments, and they will pierce my heart.

    But honey, even if I don't read books often, I kept all the books that speak your name; they are the pieces that remain here with me, without you by my side, you will still remain here forever with me.

    This is the only way to keep you.

    - MM 081520