• the_lost_voyager 5w


    You know what? You're a blessing to me..
    The one who sees the world, The way I see..
    Who knows all the shit I've done,
    The bond we share is equal to none..
    I share the best of memories with you,
    Watching bb ki vines and making slangs new..
    You've been the best best friend..
    Supporting me in everything I've ever done,
    Finding you befriending someone new,
    Makes my heart burn..
    We might get into fights,
    And shit might get wrong,
    All I need you is to get me back on track,
    And make our bond stay strong..
    Wish you will ever get everything good,
    That god has got to offer..
    Never a single tear shall come from your eye,
    Or I'll make the culprit suffer..
    Just be the person you are,
    Your personality doesn't need to switch..
    Wishing my best friend my best wishes,
    A very Happy Birthday Bitch❤..