• bobbycneis 23w

    Love evenly open

    A relationship to embrace needs no surge to power, but a love evenly open as a beautiful flower.
    connection is different making each love unique, and tears are the best words for a heart to speak.
    A bond united with no judgement to strain, only a link that can cure every deep dark pain.
    intimacy that runs beyond touch to every sense, let go of where the past was to where it's been.
    an acceptance for imperfections just as they are, they shine so perfect like stars in the heart.
    they are but eyes searching to discover brand new, a love not replaced and as endless as true.
    it's how the mind interprets whats to believe, and how memories collect to reminisce reverently.
    the farthest place in heart we travel together, its when you love me that I'm changed forever