• abhijeet_nayak 36w

    Dear Life

    Dear life,
    Since childhood I have been searching for something which is stagnant, something which I will not lose.
    It's just that I have become exhausted losing people I love. There have been times when I tried to be stagnant and hold on to my emotions; yet I fell in love. I fell in love and saw them depart.
    We all are defined by our fears and my fear is being segregated people I love. I have tried to stop myself from falling in love with mortals because I fear that soon we will be separated by something.
    But the fact is, I do not know how to stop an emotion which defines the universe.
    I enjoyed a lot today in the island. The breaking of sea waves, the sunrise, the beauty of the ocean, the sound of the waves made me feel eternal.
    When I returned to my room in the evening, I was filled with a regret; a pain which I couldn't understand.
    "What is it?" Ma asked.
    "I do not know," I replied.
    "When you do not know what your pain is, let it be. Allow love to heal your wounds," Ma replied.
    I looked at her and smiled. Maybe, someday I'll understand what my pain is and stop my fear from overcoming me.

    ~Abhijeet Nayak | The Diary Of An Ugly Potato. ♡