• ajthewriter 50w

    Some of them were just held a bit too loosely.. and then too tight.. ��

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    I almost got to know her but
    she moves so fast, squirming
    And smiling up at me, so young and clean
    I watched as she wore flushed cheeks,
    Gifting away all of the love she couldn't give to herself
    Some say it's because she never had a father
    He took one look at her tiny body,
    swaddled up a bit too tightly in a pink blanket,
    Shedding no tears, he left her to the care of her mother
    She gives all of that love away
    To a man, a different man, but still beneath blankets
    No new patterns in her life, she reaches out,
    She says I never got to know her, referring to her past
    But the truth is that she didn't have the time
    What, with all the melting clocks in her home
    She offers time her body although Biologically
    She prays that the clocks stop ticking
    She wants no blanket of her own to stare down into
    Only his arms and just his ribbed cages,
    Just his strong hands and large thighs
    She says I never got to know her but
    she was so busy describing him and "his way"
    That she never laid a finger on her own head
    And she never looked away when he commanded her
    Some say it's because her mom was drunk with
    A toxic love for her father
    She spoke from a bottled mouth with a tipsy tongue
    She spoke with her hands and with a
    waists-length worth of leather
    She spoke with her arms and her fists
    Her words didn't mix well with his,
    so before I got the chance to know her,
    For his sake and not her own, she stopped coming around
    She often wonders what he would have thought of me, as her friend
    And imagines how we would have gotten along as three
    But I still wonder who she is these days
    Without ever looking to her past for reference
    I still wonder
    Some say she's lost deep inside of him somewhere
    I say she's still swaddled a bit too tight just like
    When she was new and rejected by the first man to hold her
    How could she believe in love truly?
    How could she believe a word she breathes from her own screaming face
    When she's been smothered by the swaddle since the very first day

    Smothered By the Swaddle × ajthewriter.