• pushie 4w

    I just made my own discovery that i can't be boxed.
    I can't be tamed.
    I can be all that i ever want to be
    In any given time
    I am an eternal being, having a human experience
    I am untammable, unstoppable, unboxed.
    Free me!
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #writerstoli

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    Free me

    Free me
    From all the expectations you have of me
    Your projections on me
    Your idea of me
    Free me from all that
    Because i might not be all that you think of me

    I can't fit into your box
    Of how i should be and
    How i should act
    I can't fit into your prism
    Of how i should live and shouldn't
    Free me from all that.