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    Don't try too hard... it hurts not being able to fix things right when all you are doing is pushing your limits and trying your best... leave things on their own.

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    Don't try too hard!

    And at times I often ponder,
    Why do one always has to explain themselves without any reason?
    Why can't one just let the other person be?
    And then I realized that I being one of those people who is afraid of judgements and misunderstanding needs some people in life who does just that...
    Misunderstand things,
    Judge oneself on unnecessary grounds.
    Assume the worst,
    And last but not the least... an explanation isn't just their cup of tea.
    So I try to let them be and let them assume whatever they want, cuz what I have learnt so far is if someone doesn't wants to hear you out or understand what you want to say... they will not get your point, no matter how hard you try, how much efforts you put in... its as good as nill!
    So at times like this don't try too hard to make things right.