• aafy06 22w

    I promise you

    I can't promise you
    the dark clouds
    will never hover
    Over our lives
    Or that the future
    Will bring us many rainbows
    I can't promise you
    that tomorrow
    Will be perfect
    Or that life will be easy.
    I can promise you
    My everlasting devotion
    My loyalty,my respect,
    And my unconditional love for a lifetime
    I can promise that
    I'll always be here for you,
    To listen and to hold your hand,
    And I'll always do my best to make you happy,
    And make you feel loved.
    I can promise that
    I will see you thorough any crisis,
    And pray with you,
    Dream with you,
    Build with you,
    And always cheers you on
    And encourage you,
    I can promise that
    I'll willingly be your protector,
    Your advisor,your counselor,
    Your Friend,your family,
    Your Everything.
    I promise you!!!