• jjramirez 9w

    A Sappy love poem

    Be yourself. Be like Children. Play like Children. Be child like. Curiosity. Questions Why? Play til dusk. Remember the beginning? Remember why?
    Who are we? Why are we? We are all the same people in the sand box. Simple.
    People are better at playing grown up than others. So what? I am who I am. Popeye. We are we. We have walked the pace and path we were supposed to be.
    Age is not anything but a number. Heard that before but you have heard the truth too. Also. Both sound the same. Different. Wrote down some words so you can hear them. Listen here. Hear don't listen too.
    Easier said than done behind adult blues. Hurt feelings with responsibilities. Got things to do. Struggling too. Don't know what to do. A lot faith. No answers. Who to be? What to do? Where to begin?
    Be yourself. Be like Children. Play like Children. Curiosity. Question why? Innocent. Innocence. Do what the best version of you would do. Caring. No colors. All heart. Sincerity. Remember me and this sappy love poem to Humanity.