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    'And yet he sleeps with you all the time!'
    'Who said i was sleeping with him?' Jack asked denying the accusation.
    'You are glowing Jack. Things must be good for you,' Ruby cut in and she saw Harvey holding his laugh.
    'Why are laughing?' Alex asked Harvey with a smile.
    'I can't believe that you guys also have a moment like this too,' Harvey answered honestly.
    'We don't always go around bullying people. We are normal people too,' Nancy said patting Harvey on the back.
    'Cut the kid some slack Nancy. How about we all meet later tonight for dinner and talk things out about the vacation,' Alex suggested.
    'Yes, let's do that and celebrate the end of exams. So where are we meeting?' Jack asked.
    'I know a place, its quite and nice,' Ruby said.
    'Okay, just make the reservation and send the address,' Nancy said.
    'I will.'
    Nancy checked her phone and looked at them all.
    'Sorry guys but i have to go. Liam is here to pick me up. I will see you later at dinner,' Nancy said and they all nodded.
    'Okay, later then,' Ruby said and watched as her friend leave.
    They had mire coffee and talked for thirty minutes more before they all dispersed once again
    'It's the two of us again,' Harvey said with a smile.
    'Yes. Let's go to my office. I am tired,' Ruby said as she stood up.
    'Sure, let's do that and you can give me a tour,' he smiled at her.
    'I will surely kill you for that,' she said as she left the restaurant.
    'You can never do that. You will be too lonely without me,' he said as he nudged her.
    'I can always find someone to replace you,' she said smirking at him.
    'I can't believe you just said those words. I have to do something about it,' he said and grabbed her hand.
    'What are you going to do?' she asked him.
    'You will se that soon,' he said and suddenly began to sprint.

    She could feel her heart thumping out loudly. She had no idea what he was up to but whatever it was, she was ready for it. She ran behind him and followed him like a puppy back to her office. Upon entering the office, he locked the door behind him and began to walk towards her. She smiled as she guessed what her beloved was planning to do and she also began to walk back trying not to get caught by him but she still got trapped against the wall in the end. She stood there and waited for him to embrace her. She had missed him so much, she wasn't even caring that she was in her office and it was not appropriate to be intimate in such a place.
    Harvey caught her and placed both of his hands by her side, trapping her with his body. The two of them locked eyes with each other for a while, taking each other in. No words were spoken, it was just total silence as their eyes communicated with each other.

    'I love you so much,' he told her, his eyes full of emotions.
    'I love you too,' Ruby answered back and kissed Harvey lightly on the lips.
    'Once you have started this, we can never go back,' he said as he nibbled her lower lip.
    'I know which is why i have started it,' Ruby said and hooked her arms around his neck.
    Ruby wanted him so bad that she wasn't going to allow anything to disturb them at this point.
    'I love you more and more,' he said and locked lips with hers once more.
    Ruby moaned as Harvey's tongue rolled against hers in a kiss so passionate and intimate that her knees all went weak. His hands were all over her body, her body was on fire and only Harvey was capable of quenching it. His lips left hers and began trailing kisses down her throat and sucked on that sweet spot earning him some sweet moans. His lips trailed lower and began to suck her breasts through the thin material of her white blouse she was wearing. He used his fingers to unbutton her blouse exposing her flesh. He kissed her all over making her moan over and over again.
    Harvey couldn't wait anymore. He needed her so bad and he wasn't going to keep on having this foreplay anymore.
    'I can't wait anymore,' he murmured in her ear and she nodded in response.
    He lifted her and carried her to the couch where he laid her down. He worked fast and removed her trousers she had on and her lacy panties that were stuck to her body like glue. He parted her legs gently and looked at her.
    'What are you waiting for?' Ruby asked.
    'For that,' he answered and lowered his mouth on that throbbing bud of hers.
    Ruby held down her cries as he licked and sucked her in-between her legs. He feasted on her, made her moan and wriggle as he gave her all his attention to that small nub. When she reached her climax, he let her calm down while he dropped down his pants freeing himself. He cupped her cheeks and gave her a kiss on the lips before he penetrated her deep inside her. She held on tightly onto him as he gave it to her hard and rough.
    'I love you,' she whispered to him and that shook him to the core.
    'I love you too babe,' he groaned and plunged in deeper, giving that sweet bud a twist and Ruby fell apart. Seeing her shaking with ecstasy he couldn't help it but followed her, emptying his seed deep inside her.