• wingsofanangel 23w

    Lost of a bond

    The lost of a bond is devastating. Especially a friendship bond. Someone once told me that soon I'll figure out my true friends. Now I know that none of them weren't my friends, I dropped all of them. Not because I wanted to, but I'm being forced to. I left the school grounds without a goodbye to none, I'm all alright on my own. It had been reflected to me that 'sometimes its just better off to find happiness alone, on your own, by yourself' you don't need anyone to give you happiness.
    I've gone through a lot. Deep loses and gains that is! Life is so full of shit. The universe repelled me from all my friends, all of them even the very close friends.
    I'm maturing, I'm on a spiritual journey. I don't need friends like those who cannot help me on my spiritual journey, so God separated them from me.
    I give God thanks for showing me this. Goodbye my precious friends, we've been together from so long....but I'm on a different mission from you all. While you all suffer in life every day's pains, the universe is blessing me to come to sense of awakening with open arms. I'm different, I'm an emath, a light worker and a twin flame on earth. The friend which hurts me the most is Mardeon, I personally would expect her to understand but since I'm different they all devised a plan to separate me from the clan. Its okay, God will give me some spiritual friends, God will give me my hearts desires and love.
    Adanika don't get pregnant with all the sex, one day you'll regret ever talking to me like that. Mardeon don't get too caught up in the pleasures of life. Tromoya watch your mouth, someone will fight. Magan stop being a foolish leader. I will always love you in my hearts, but God has a different mission for me and he has rid me from bad friends. Friends of hypocrites, I'll see you again when summer ends. When I'll see you, not even a hello. I've already said goodbye. I'll just walk by, not because I'm showing off but because our friendship had end. I've lost all my friends......I've God left. I promise you all that this will be a different Angel.
    Its just me coming to school, getting work done. Whenever I have the chance I'll enjoy myself with my soul mate and my new spiritual friends.
    This is where it ends. I can remember your face Adanika, so much anger and jealousy for a girl like me. The way you spoke, the look in your eyes tells me your not with me. I'm sorry for the bad things I've said, you friends bring out an ungodly like behavior in me so God separated us eternally. Tromoya, though you smile at me I see your hatred and dislike for me. Magan though you show no feelings, I see your discontent with me, Mardeon though you still speak to me, we no longer match a vibrational frequency.
    Its the ending and the lost of a bond