• worldthroughmywindow 5w

    1. It won't justify if I say, don't be sad. You are allowed to vent out your heavy heart and feel light.
    So, I'm just a call away.

    2. Breakups are a part of life, you just have to accept the fact and move forward in life. There's a lot in the sea for you to fish.

    3. Every rain doesn't come to destroy, some come to clear the dirt. You can breathe once again, start afresh.

    4. It's okay to have a bad day or a bad phase. Take your own time and embrace the good in it.

    5. Hold on to your dignity. Avoiding this parameter, one can cause problems in one's relationship. Love can never be worth your self esteem.

    6. It sounds great if you do something to please your partner, but never sacrifice your own happiness and satisfaction.

    7. Feelings like insecurities, anger, urge to lie play the most important role. Try to cope with it sincerely and never allow anyone to manipulate your mind.

    8. We always look forward to receiving more, than giving back in the same extent. Try to hold your expectations tight.

    9. Most importantly, you both have to keep pace with each other happily and have that ability to tackle problems and misunderstandings.

    ~Tanisha Wadhawan

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