• pa_luck 5w

    How can a nobody become
    Just a nobody ?

    You know, what it feels,
    to not be killed and
    yet be declared as dead.

    What not missing a
    "missing person" means.

    You won't be able
    to actually analyze this,
    under your anaesthetized state.

    It feels like standing in a race
    against zombies in action.
    You can't fight.
    You can't surrender.

    Balancing while walking
    on this tight rope of
    fuck off or fuck me.

    About the growing gurgle
    of boiling water, trying to escape
    the loosely hanging lid.

    Like the failing attempts
    of a swing to leave its path,
    in every push.

    The desire of a comma,
    to shed off it's tail
    and become a full stop.

    The dilemma of a bridge,
    burdened to breathe
    in a masterless air.
    Of it not knowing
    where's the origin
    and who's on the opposite end.

    Of dropping down the guns
    and waving a white flag.
    Does that signify
    the settlement of burning blood
    or beginning of a cold stare.

    Which one is better ?
    Who holds the conclusion ?


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