• mjqutbi 6w

    The mind or the heart

    We've always been told that our mind decides our actions,
    But i can vouch for times our heart sets us into motion.
    Times when logic and reason were needed, the mind got things done and often it stops us from taking action.
    And then you have the heart working at full capacity when you are in what is called love.
    Things it makes us do, might not make sense.
    Trust your heart and your inner instinct.
    That small voice that tells you to keep moving.
    Love is not a question that needs logic and reason.
    Love is a blend of emotions.
    It happens when you least expect it and it has no season.
    It is a gamebest played by the heart,
    As it tells the mind to rest " You have played your part."

    Mo'iz Qutbi