• dinma_amara 24w

    The Pleaser

    The Pleaser -
    His best he gave
    His 'blood, sweat and tears' he put in
    He worked until he turned a skeleton
    Yet, he wasn't appreciated.

    He gave out his heart
    His soul he willingly gave 'em
    His smile he exchanged for their tears
    Still, he wasn't loved.

    All his love was savoured,
    By angels and demons alike,
    But he tasted non himself.

    He struggled to blend in
    Then lost his true self,
    As he struggled to be noticed.
    Nevertheless, they called him a simpleton.

    He tried to please the world
    So much that he failed
    To please who matters - him.

    Woe to him for all the wasted time and effort.
    Contrariwise, happy he is.
    For he has breath left- even if it's his last.

    With the breath and time left,
    He shall learn to appreciate himself,
    Love his person, and be himself.
    Never shall he seek the world's appreciation
    For he shall be his Pleaser.