• bobbycneis 5w

    The Ferriswheel

    I boarded the Ferriswheel to clear out my cluttered mind
    All alone, but that's my way, and it seems to work just fine

    Time to evaluate the life I live for my direction and devotion
    My back to the world it's the feel of forward motion

    Notions come and go freely, for I'm lost in the moment
    Couples chat and vow to suceed, their happy countenances glowing

    Going through all I've lost with a typical sense of blame
    I watch memories live through others and see my foolish played games

    It may seem like time wasted as a loner on a Ferriswheel,
    But I reflect like glass on water; the whole world underneath revealed

    I'm atop a mountain, overlooking the city I was
    Watching everyone go on living while I'm stuck on pause

    Closed eyes to go back when I claimed to be alive
    And that's where I stand in line to board some other ride.