• khaliqahcreates99 6w

    The Other Woman!

    When I think of her
    Something crawls up my spine
    My eyes close
    The scent of her creeps of my nose
    No perfume, it's her pheromones
    That pull me in again and again
    Her hair so long soft and black
    I pull it tilt her head back
    Then bite her neck
    My nipples erect like Hershey's Kisses
    She kisses them gently
    This type of passion was meant to be
    I bite my lip
    She grabs my hips
    She Whispers "stay"
    I look away
    I need this for me every f****** day
    When it comes to sex we've got the trophy
    She's the music to this melody
    That plays in my heart perpetually
    She's the coffee in my cream
    She is the star of this porn scene
    She's my guilty pleasure
    The "X" on the Map she's my treasure
    I wish her man would get it together
    And understand
    That she is our woman
    But back to us
    Cause all he does is fuss and fuss
    and fuss and fuss
    And all we do is f*** and suck and
    suck and f***
    See, I am so into her
    And she's so into me
    There's no room for him in this fantasy
    Say she's not at home with her family
    And I'm not on 12B, Damn!
    I'm going to beach with white sand with my woman
    Wind blowing the leaves on these palm trees enjoying the breeze
    Waves crashing water crystal clear
    Is no one in sight just the two of us are here
    She's bent over I'm inside stretching her
    P-u-s-s-y Wiiiiiiide
    Open my motion and her ocean
    Makes her potions drip down her legs than mine
    She and I are so damn fine
    It pulses I pound we fall to the ground
    She screams "I'M COMING"!
    I scream "ME TOO"!
    I couldn't leave this woman
    Even if I wanted to
    Our bodies quiver lost in Bliss
    We climax together and end with a kiss
    I love being the other woman