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    I am the one who held your hand,
    As trumpets in our heart play like a band,
    I sit in the corner, awaiting to be noticed again.
    I offered the heart, soul, and dreams as a man.
    I watch you pay it back to others whom is not me,
    I set alone wondering all I know is nothing to be,
    I cry thinking of you and scared of your safety,
    as you run with your loves, not me, being hasty,
    I wonder if my worth is more than one to be attacked,
    as I had enemies to make sure our trust has be hacked,
    I loved , missed, cherished, adored, and respected you always,
    I am pushed away, ignored, not thought of, a moment in those days, 
    Only I know my heart, and what I want in the future of us,
    I am just game, a color, someone not taken seriously thus,
    Close your eyes and remember me , true me, who held you,
    As I have fallen with broken pieces in my mind and heart in my view.
    Love me, Honor me, as I awaited for so long with my extended trust
    When I know you are somebody that i used lust, 
    but in reality we seen more than just words and empty promises,
    I promised and upheld my bargain to be your best friend,
    as I wait for us to mend.
    I sit here , waiting to see if I don't lose you everyday, in the corner.

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    In The Corner

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