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    When realisation hits you.

    Sometimes when we feel we are alone, we tend to seek a recreation that somehow can alleviate our loneliness and by chance, we meet people that we have a common interest we tend to get closer right away. Because of loneliness, you get drawn to this person and without any uncertainty, you now transparent and open up your life without even realizing that this person will cause devastation in the future. You confide your secret and this person is very cunningly behaved that she is trustworthy, you're now being smitten until one day you realised how foolish you are to have trusted this person the one you called a friend is the one betrayed you the most. Creating a story that her intent is to tarnish your reputation and making you appear to people that you're the one obnoxious and manipulator that by means people should keep away from you. This will impact your life significantly, you will be emotionally conflicted and feel dysfunctional in your daily routine. You will question yourself where did I go wrong, am I deserving for this kind of ill-treatment while what I did to her was all kindness, are there are really people whose heart is consumed with darkness that they find joy in seeing other people's misery. We should guard ourselves, not to be swayed by their negativity and stay on our ground their main intention is to drag us down just ignore their negative comments because this will not define you as a person. Our action God or bad has its own karmic cycle, so eventually what they did to us will backfire to them.