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    I know it's not easy to be with a person who on days wants to be so close to you, share with you or tells you to message them
    And on days distance themselves from you, will ignore you, overthink everything or won't talk to you

    Someone who would never stop you from going Or doing something, who will always want to listen what you want to say or think , will believe you but still have constant trust issues or feel jealous because of fear of loosing

    Someone who will on days will be so emotional and will cry and just want to hug you and on some days will just don't even want to talk about anything

    Someone who would on days will be like to cook together, dance, party, get drunk, listen music, eat out or have fun, will talk constantly and on somedays will just want to be with you without saying anything doing their work in silence but just be with you enjoying the silence

    Someone who will constantly share you memes or food posts and tells you lame jokes but also someone who Wants to have deep conversations with you, share and ask and talk with you feel that connection

    Someone who will keep on asking questions to you about everything, relationship, communication maybe you get irritated by it

    Someone who will always support you, will never want to leave you no matter what, want to be with you, and will accept you as you are and enjoy you being yourself with you

    But in reality is there someone out there who will really love a person like this and will never leave even after getting irritated by questions, or their behavior and who is ready to accept them as they are and who will always love them will accept their flaws and interest and will keep going with that person
    I know it's not easy to be with a person like this, a person like me. ....

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    But will you?

    It's not easy to love Or get along with someone who always wants to be happy and optimistic about every situation, ready to forgive and be with you no matter what but on somedays someone who is not ready to talk, or will just overthink everything and comes to the wrong conclusion

    I know it's not easy to love someone like this, someone like me.........