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    Don't expect u people to like it... Being good samaritan of a good society..

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    Why would it matter if i am condemned to death?
    My fate was determined, the moment i breathed
    The past, the present all came to this
    The moment it ends, the moment i leave

    Why did it matter, whether my love is holding somebody else's lips?
    She wasn't worth more then the dog i loved
    Both bled when cut, both lived till death
    As i got distressed, both bastards left.

    Why would it matter if i was exiled to death?
    Not crying, no emotion at my mother's grave
    I sympathise with that women like everyone else
    Her Love that's supposed to last, eventually ended in pain

    Why does it matter, what age i lived?
    Betrayal is the only truth that lived
    Hundred of matters, thousand of lease
    Everyone forgotten, nothing entailed