• caronora 6w

    I sit by myself most days and I changed up my entire life I tried to excape the hurt pain anger anxiety and frustration but seems no matter were I am in life how good I'm doing if I'm sober or high I still feel empty no love no happiness no company all I want is to feel better I work hard and hold my own house down and take care of my child by myself while I watch everyone complain how hard it is and they have someone to help them or support them while I just have me and I am reminded of it all the time I don't get to have fun or relax or go shopping n get my nails done ex.. I have to struggle and be the strong one I have to be both parents and I have to be mature n responsible no time for fun friends or anything but that's all ok in end all that really matters is my kid and she is happy healthy well taken care of and has more love from me then some kids get from two parents but it doesn't change the feeling I can't shake