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    Maybe one day 5 years later or 10 years later, you get a call from an unknown number. You'll be living a completely different life than now. A whole new friend circle, whole new lifestyle. Your past behind you. You yourself being the captain of your ship, defeating your demons, thwarting them away.

    You take the call, and just one hello from a very familiar voice takes you back down the memory lane. That one hello echoing in your head pulls the untouched chords which you thought did not exist anymore. It digs out all the deep buried memories and the long forgotten heartbreak.

    Maybe it won't break you again or maybe it would, a little bit? Maybe. Or maybe not.
    Who knows!

    Maybe it would again drain your heart with feelings for that person. Or maybe it wouldn't affect you at all.
    Who knows!

    Maybe you'll talk like before. Or maybe you would deny to even recognise the voice.
    Who knows!

    Maybe it would bring back the emotions that you thought you had lost long time back. Or maybe it would prove to you that you actually lost emotions. Who knows!

    Maybe you feel something cracking a little inside. Or maybe you'll realise that the broken pieces of your heart had fallen back into their places long ago.
    Who knows!

    Maybe you would go weak inside. Or maybe you'll realise that you were strong after all.
    Who knows!

    Maybe you would remember those nights that you cried alone into the pillow and those days that you walked through the streets, with your mind lost trying to figure something out, and you'd shed a tear remembering this. Or maybe you just smirk and disconnect.

    Who knows!


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    Maybe I'll continue this.
    Or maybe not.
    Who knows!