• iam_rawwn 5w

    Candle of love

    And they ask what is love?
    An extinguishable candle of hope
    Who's light guides you to the path
    Of undiscovered bliss of life.
    It gets obliterated only when,
    if you hold it tight or really firmly.
    You gotta protect it
    From the cold wild winds
    And merciless rain
    Which pours down
    Just to check your faith in love.
    No matter how good you are at it,
    The melting wax of love would hurt you
    It will give you scars
    It will even make you wanna let it go
    Though it will get exhausted on it's own
    And when it does
    Don't curse, blame or whine about it
    Embrace the fact
    That it lead you to a different path
    From where you can lead a different life
    But if you keep looking at the scars it gave you
    And never love again
    It will make you cold
    And incapable of feeling that painful yet beautiful bliss of life again
    That subconsciously is essential for our living.
    So love yet be careful
    Because the spark in it is capable of both,
    Burning obstacles and even opportunities.