• fadedautumns 6w

    How many days does it take?
    How many glances until they
    Finally glance back
    How many tries
    Till you find the key
    And just like that
    Their gaze is locked on you
    How many days does it take?
    How much effort
    Driven by pure instincts
    Attraction works in mysterious ways
    Does teach you a thing or two
    About yourself
    How many days does it take?
    For you to achieve
    How much distance left
    To reach the final checkpoint
    How many dreams
    Until you finally learn
    You've been walking on
    Delicate glass all along
    How many cuts
    Until the dread sets in
    How many hopes
    Until they're all killed
    How many steps
    Till you take one back
    And then run
    Before they can catch you
    Before the glass shatters


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    Hey, it's all me
    In my head

    I'm the one who burnt us down
    But it's not, what I meant

    Sorry that I hurt you

    Afterglow, Taylor Swift