• aaish__ 10w


    And today is the first jummah'
    Of this holy month
    Let's not waste our time
    Doing fun

    This is the day where
    I can double my rewards
    O Almighty!
    Please bless me my lord!

    Lets start reciting the
    Verses of Qur'an,
    Surah Al-kahf just once
    To be recited on jummah'

    Holding our breath
    And listening to the
    Beautiful voice of
    Every verse
    Clears all the dirt
    From our mind
    O Allah's slave!

    Lets start complimenting
    Our Prophet
    Saying Durood,
    "Peace and blessing be upon him"
    As Saadiq!
    Ar Raouf!


    #friday #jummah #prayer #durood #poetry #love

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