• corinaesperanza 6w

    Dancing with Demons

    I've danced with the darkness of my soul for so long, unable to keep the pace.
    A specter that dances with demons.
    I take the hands of trauma, self sabotage, remorse, repression, and rejection.
    A marionette.
    Guided by the dominating hold of my shadows .
    Disheartened and astray.
    A breathing corpse.
    An acolyte to my wickedness, my own oppressor.
    A sorrowful song plays to my deceptions.
    Lost to the darkened perception,
    Of my gloomy reality.
    But wait......
    There's always the crescendo.
    dancing fingers on keys of ivory give life to a melody of vigorous resistance.
    I take the lead with force.
    I am life, therefore I am light!
    I am blessing of the universe!
    I am connection to the moon!
    An incandescent beacon of existence!
    This deadly dance takes a turn.
    I rise to the occasion.
    Barefoot twirling,
    Hair wild, flying in the air,
    Grin on my face.
    My demons can't keep up,
    They gladly take a bow and their leave.
    I blow a gentle kiss of gratitude.
    But my dance, my music, continues, loving and exhuberant.
    I am the choreographer of this production
    A star on my well lit stage. I shine through the pitch of my black. Always dancing.