• marjiebm 31w

    I am a Victim!

    Do you ever feel like a stone?
    They will get you when they need you and of they don't, they just drop you.
    Do you ever feel like a paper?
    They will write everything they need even the words are so unacceptable and superficial.
    Do you ever feel like a towel or a handkerchief?
    You are always beside them just to wipe out their tears but when it comes to you, they will just trash you and give you a space away from them.
    Do you ever feel like a ball?
    They always play you and they don't care at all about your feelings.
    Do you ever feel like an old thing?
    When you're new and fresh they are always hanging out with you but when you became an old and gray, they will not remember you.

    So, do you ever feel ? Do you ever feel that we are also like things, always turned down with disappointments and convictions? Do yoh ever feel that we also have crucial life? Do you ever feel that you are also a victim of crowd and unstable society? Then, it is the time for you to wonder and think.

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    I am one of them