• shivamarora616 5w

    Destroyed it

    The hate, that I created for myself on my mind,
    I destroyed it,
    The peace I got, is making me feel alive.
    There was a reason behind it, it grew
    and grew bigger and I drowned in it.
    It made me felt sick to death, It was my mistake,
    I got fooled to see something else which I created
    and I believed in it.
    I started hiding my face because there was a mask behind it that was hiding its guilt and regret.
    In all this, I lost the one who was actually me.
    My mistakes made me obsessive and that obsession
    made me forget myself and everything.
    Days became nights, nights became days but nothing changed in me.
    It's not that I didn't try, I tried again and again but the chaos that was on my mind made me weaker.
    I've been in the darkness and It became my friend,
    It didn't let me go out, It just made me stare out of the windows, to make me breathe for a while.
    Now, It's been a year, I locked it up! now I can see some rays that's coming on my way.