• rishabhmittal 35w

    Damage Control....

    Be your vulnerable self someday
    Because you know what, you'll know the beauty of feelings that can puppet you around for the next day, each and every day
    He could find his happy place in her
    That day, he could lie naked with someone other than the tickle of his own heart shunned

    It's like gravity
    When you surrender to someone
    You want more of you, to be pulled by them, away from reality
    You let them strip you
    You let them be with you
    And you allow them a space in your head
    A choice that the heart had made and maybe a little, bled
    But then, freedom requires a bit of sacrifice too
    For we only appreciate the love that made us bled and blue

    Sometimes though he forgets, that he is still afraid, as always, the mind still regrets
    Because he loved her
    Oh, he loved her with every cell
    And that was why he decided to leave her
    Because he loved her a bit too much, every new day
    His fear spoke to him, beyond his senses of eternal beauty
    What if she breaks it all one day and obliterates into an eviternity?
    Damage control, that's what he calls it now
    Leave her, always
    Just when you know, you love her more than you can now
    Because a long journey with a sudden end is still associated with a palpable happiness
    But a journey that came to it's end will Always leave a question, unkempt
    "What if?"
    "What if she hadn't left me that day? What would have happened to us in this day and age?"
    "Were we to become strangers like we are today, or could the Gods have shown mercy, and perhaps let the happy times stay?"

    Well, I guess that last question will always make its way
    Whoever we are and whatever we say
    Damage control is going to stay
    For him, perhaps always

    -Rishabh Mittal