• kamen1 9w

    Summer Lessons

    Nonverbals reel in
    Abbreviated sentences cast brief visuals
    Akin to a fish latching on to the hanging worm
    Young minds are hooked to thrilling stories

    Sitting on a rickety chair
    An elderly man overlooks four kids circling around
    Gray, brown, blonde, black, and red hair sway in the suddle breeze
    The smell of flowers creates a pleasing aroma
    Joyful smiles shine in the midday sun

    Parables flow from the man's mouth
    Words flow into the kids' ears like musical notes
    Simplistic phrases with deep meanings etch into their malleable minds
    Sparkling eyes admire the frail role model in front of them

    Years after a sorrowful passing
    The four impressionable kids have become successful adults
    Taking in the life lessons given on those summer days
    Each has passed on his good will through their many actions
    An elderly man smiles down from above