• gautam1211 9w

    Such versatility lies in the Indian sweets, many forms and style it has, Absolutely mesmerising as you go through them all, each state has a hundreds of different styles, varying in sweet tastes.
    Such a sweet is Peda,This is made with different styles in different states����
    Peda is really famous and widely loved by all, It melts in the mouth, the smoothness of the peda is soothing.Each bite gives deliciousness.
    Every year on my birthday, Mummy would bring Peda home, made of pure khoya, cause I love it and he would do Puja then ask me to put the peda packet as Bhog(offerings) after the puja,I'd eat those Peda non stop☺️��
    Made this peda for the first time reliving the memories ������
    IN FRAME- Peda

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