• shaluchowrasia 5w

    I am very weak like that
    Like a chinaware set
    Always fragile, always with a crack in the soul

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    I am a glass of shy wine
    Ceramic white with floral leaves
    You hold me by my neck
    And I intoxicate you, slow
    But I am the glass
    You feel me on your tongue
    I fear I will cut your lips in two
    Split your kiss into two
    And you'll drink your blood
    But I'm smooth
    With soft edges
    You sip on those
    When the red in me dries
    You pour some more
    Some more to entertain you
    You hold me between your fingers
    In your lousy grip
    I swing like a hammock on the beach
    Then you look at the billboard
    Outside the window
    Imagine a beach
    And a coconut cocktail by your side
    Sun burning on your face
    Salt making you fall asleep on the sand
    And then you wake up
    With me
    Still in your hand
    You take another sip
    Another sip
    Until you stop missing the blue sky
    Now you feel drowsy
    Your eyes wish for a deep sleep
    And you drop me on your marble floor
    You want me to shatter into pieces
    Pieces which could pierce your tongue
    And make you speak another language
    Then you think you need another drink
    You pick me up
    Pour some more
    Think of the beach
    And fall asleep