• sandye 22w

    Tale of Rejected friendships band

    Not a sole imprint will remain;
    Where, I wander bare foot;
    Alone seashore is my best friend;
    Wave came toward me;
    Accumulated thousands of friend(ship) band;
    Opt for true colour of friendship band; Which one will Everlast in my mind;
    Black ,white, brown are friendships band;
    I am on the verge of white, chosen black, by my heart;
    Rainbow known it's not my shade, green is my centre;
    Still to express coming wave,
    touch my foot;
    Accumulated shoes for me;
    All were wet ,I putted on a head;
    Looking at my bare foots again;
    Further, I walk alone it's a darker;
    I don't know, I am on shore or In water;
    Answer yet to known ;
    My bare foot stuck a nail;
    Search friend to pluck ...
    'O'no blood is coming....
    She tied my invisible wound a friendship band;
    White or black it's now red band;
    Rainbow said it's my colour on your band;
    Sorry, I will wash it take your colour;
    Furthermore my bare foots touch a sea flower;
    "Without petal, paddling, I came here" ,she said
    I taken  flowers in hand, only remain steam;
    Full of thorn in palm;
    You spoiled my Beauty your dirty hand;
    I will not tie you "A friendship band,"
    It's darker and darker shore ;
    My bare foot in a Sinking shore;
    Can anybody give me rope;
    Show me shore, flash of wave came;
    Drawn  me  in to a sea ;
    known everyone is gone ,I am alone;
    Cry for help!
    I know to swim,
    But she throw me frienship band;
    Without knowing I tied to my both hand;
    But hand were tie with thorn band;
    Please untie me to swim Again;
    I am happy with free hand;

    "Thank you"  love for law of friendship band.