• v_r_k_42 23w

    I don't hate anymore.

    People often ask me, " What you hate?"..."me nothing", I reply. Exactly because oposite of hate is love.
    There is rarely anything worth of loving, forget about hating. I dislike things. However I'm not the type to speak out my emotions. There is hardly anyone who understands.
    If I were asked, " Is there anything you dislike?"
    Well I could complain for ages without stopping. I don't like things and people around me except a few.
    Why do they push and pull me?
    Why first throw me down and then hold me up?
    You eat my heart everyday from all those petty things you do I don't like. That pain aches a lot. Those petty things coming from your egotist soul. Your judgements, your behaviour, I've enough of it already.
    Sometimes I feel like jumping from a high cliff into chilled water and drown with my lonely memories.
    But I don't like dying either.

    I've given up hating already. You all are not worth even thinking about. My soft, loving, warm heart is torn into pieces. All I'm left is with a hardened rough protective covering for my weak and crying heart.