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    This is the third and final part of the story 'Red and White' Read till the end.
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    'She's a virgin', my father exclaimed.
    Wha..wai..WHAT!? I could sense land slipping off my feet. My pupils widened, heart sank, lips trembled, I was dumbstruck.
    Was it me, they were going to sell off!? My heart beat was racing and teeth were shaking. No, no, no..this is a nightmare. Wake up! I slapped myself, pinched myself. I didn't have the nerve to believe it was true.

    I didn't know what to do? Should I run away? But it was too late, I my voice, my shrieks, my helplessness still haunts me.How I begged and sobbed and plead..I tried to ungrip my arms and flea, even bit the man but he dragged me into a car and drove away. I screamed, 'maa please, please don't let me go! I'll do whatever you say, please, plea..se. ' But she, turned her back onto me as if I was not her own daughter. I was devastated.

    I was petrified. I could sense the viciousness in his eyes, lust dripping of his lips, he was staring at me with hunger, as if satisfying himself with the deep gaze at each part of my body.

    I didn't know where I had been going, what will happen next? I might just die..

    He stopped near an old house and took me to a dark, shabby room with a broken, crooked bed, laid his rough hands on me while I shivered and begged to free me but he won't listen.
    He undraped me, gripped me tight and forced himself upon me. I was screaming with pain, the sound of my ghungroo synchronizing with my cries as I try to push him away, agony ripping my skin off while he, was scaling every inch of my body as if I was not a person but a piece of flesh , some meat and he was a wolf, hungry and cruel.
    I suffered the whole night. I closed my eyes, a tear rolled down while I laid in silence and melancholy. My vision was getting obscure, the only thing I could see were the Red and White pearls that groped my neck while he kissed it. My Red lehenga , now covered with his skin while my red bood stained my innocent white soul.

    Next day, he dragged me into the car again and drove back to the temple handing me over to a woman who walked this numb soul, lifeless body of mine to a room. 'Rest until another devotee comes and takes you to the brothel. And dress up nicely. They may pay more to your parents.' she said.
    My already expressionless face drowned onto the bed. I won't even weep, my eyes had dried. The horrendous last night had traumatised me for lifetime and I didn't even know how many more such nights were lurking for me, how many more sheets wanted to feel my agony, how many more wolfs wanted to feed upon me. I wanted to die but maybe this was how my family would survive, by trading my skin for paper.

    I was a doll, they played with and then, discarded. It was what they called 'turning a girl from a liability to an asset'
    This was the glorious 'Devadasi System'
    And this was my life...life huh!

    What did I do to deserve this fate?

    Red, the colour of my blood,
    I was ready, ready to live my worst nightmare.
    White, my life henceforth,
    colourless and ashen

    Red, the anger in my eyes,
    the all the tears had left.
    White, the emptiness in my heart,
    the nothing I could do.

    And then, I knew the answer to 'Where are we going maa?'
    Was just HELL.
    RED , with ashes and rashes and wounds and scars
    And WHITE, with dolent screams that filled my heart.

    Until I died. But wait that was everyday.

    Girls as young as eleven year olds are forced into a never ending vicious circle where the once reverred Devadasi system has turned into prostitution and poor, unemployed parents into pimps.

    Forced prostitution is the hideous face behind the Devadasi system that continues to haunt us despite of the act being illegal and banned for more than twenty years.

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    Red and White
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