• wifey_suicide 5w

    Love Isn’t

    Love is not kissing your partner goodbye
    As you head off to work
    Love is not checking on your partner
    Every second, to make sure they are okay
    Love is a shared connection
    The root to the tree
    The seed to the rose
    Without the one, there couldn’t be another
    Love is when you’re not together
    And you see someone else, that’s truly attractive to your eye
    Your likeness
    Even your heart can start pounding
    But instead of nagging those thoughts and feelings
    You instead turn the other way and carry on with your day
    Love is when there is a get together or a party
    And someone else comes your way
    Instead of crashing into each other
    And causing a holt in life
    You just move out the way
    And carry on within your night
    Love is watching the same old boring movie for the hundredth time
    Not because you have to
    It’s because you know the things you enjoy
    Might not be the same for others
    Love is putting down your phone
    As the conversation brings no interest to you
    But the importance in the voice to be shared is valid
    Love is also scrapping up what has been broken
    And fixed together
    Or if it can’t be fixed
    That isn’t love
    It’s probably betrayal
    The tight squeeze in your gut
    The heavy emotions it all carries
    Is the reason why love is here
    So we never feel that feeling
    Or if we do, it is caused by someone else
    Where love can come in and save the day
    With warm hugs and cuddles
    A meal to eat
    Or just someone there to listen to everything you need to talk about
    Even if it’s not important to love, but love knows it’s important to you
    Love is not just a kiss
    Love is not just a checking up
    Love is not just something you can just throw away
    And pick it up later
    Love is more precious and delicate
    One tiny mistake and it can be gone forever
    Love is something to not taunt with
    Love isn’t even a test
    Love is love
    And you’ll know when you have it
    Because love does not come with the words I love you
    Love doesn’t always come as your type
    Love doesn’t come right away
    Instead it builds
    It’s builds with bricks
    So stone can’t knock it down
    If it builds with straw
    The slightest of wind will knock it down
    It’s not easy to build love
    With the wrong materials
    But either way, love will come with open arms
    By then, it’s up to you
    To keep those fragile arms open
    Or break them to close