• sanikaj 10w

    Spread love

    When you can spread love
    Why do you spread hate
    Do you want negative vibes around
    If positive vibes love can cultivate.

    Don't let the love particles dissolve
    Let them flow, blossom and grow
    And all the dislike for the person
    From your body, let it go

    You know just one side
    So how can you even judge
    If the good in him you're unaware
    Don't you think it's wrong to hold a grudge.

    Hate hurts
    You, your body, your soul, your mind
    So let out the anger and jealousy it generates
    I'm sure a wholesome peace you'll find

    So spread love
    It has the magic that holds us along
    Creating a world with joys and happinesses
    A world where we truly belong.