• unwritten28 30w

    Unsolved mystery

    It's a killing it's time for him to be convicted
    Don't let me find u these hands are gifted
    Unsolved mystery
    Can kill somebody and still be scary
    Another life lost caused by stupidity
    Where did your mind go how did u loose grip of reality
    Facing the death u commuted
    Lost her life in the air she sitted
    On the run
    We need the burner
    Unsolved mystery should have been solved sooner
    I'm digging deeper
    Gotta be more then that
    Tied up
    Choked by a rope
    Stopping circulation in her throat
    Eyes wide open but no soul
    Her life a motherfucka stole
    Looking for identity it gon
    Pink tights with no panties on
    Fingernails pulled back to cuticles
    Torches by poles and needles
    I will find this murderer and bring justice to be
    Torcher him
    1st take his eyes so he can't see
    Chain him while he on his knees
    Trip him he gon try to leave
    Thumb tacks in his lip
    Bobby pins in his good
    The torcher he needs
    Its a relief
    Its a trip
    I killed the murder at large
    An unsolved mystery
    1st degree murder charge