• hangnyang 9w


    Staring out of the window at night
    With the pen on my hand
    And my thoughts running to and fro through my head.
    Not knowing what to scribble down
    Until the thoughts of you pass by.

    Looking up to the sky
    All I see is your brightest smile in the star.
    And I'm just a second outside the furnace of my loneliness.
    And still paying attention
    On all the little memories you left behind
    And appreciate your designed in every part in the work of art called love.

    Until everything went so calm and silent
    And I listen to your favorite song.
    Listening to your favorite song,
    My heart beat faster and faster
    That I switch on to listen to my heart beat,
    Listening if it could utter your name.
    Listen and listen until I fall asleep.