• mahak27 6w


    The Sun never needs permission to rise and set,
    The river don't whispers before it flows.
    The birds need no permission before they chirp,
    And the trees don't ask, buy they simply grow.
    Nature preserves it's beauty so beautifully,
    It's the best mixture of grace and style.
    It's splendid, it's mesmerising,
    It's what inspires us to walk miles and miles.
    Orange sunrise and blue oceanic view,
    Captures the heart and captivates the soul.
    It's positive energy, energises a lot,
    Helps each one to accomplish the goal.
    Looking around is grass so green,
    Blooming flowers so bright.
    Things look perfectly fine,
    Until you observe them from a close sight.
    Until you observe them from a close sight.......

    Ms. Mahak Handa