• krithigasankar 10w

    Just Got To Wait !

    The Moments under Compulsion,
    The Minutes with Inhibition...
    They Truly Test the Patience...

    Of Compulsion it is this :
    Strong are They who see it through...
    Living, yet, Sterile inside -
    Entirely, Numb and Bare !
    They Face their Days of Nightmare,
    Holding on to Something called Hope...
    Of Inhibition it is so :
    You, Surely, don't get to Know -
    Of What Anything Really is...
    Blurry and Vague it All Start to Seem !
    Driving you Crazy to the Extreme !
    Asking you to Simply Let Everything Go...

    At times like These,
    Learn to Embrace the Void Within,
    It's the Best Remedy...
    Coz Certain things aren't in your Control !
    Still We can stand Beside,
    And Strive to Grow !