• aboutmeinpoems 5w

    Uniquely yours

    There is a slope to your nose, and my fingers trace it.
    Hoping it will lead to the kindness
    that has made you this way.
    There is an arch to your eyebrows so naturally perfect; it stands out.
    You stood out at that party;
    in those moments when I think about infatuation.
    There is a curtain in front of your eyes, and it's glossy.
    I have questioned why several times, no way-
    No one can have gleaming eyes as such.
    There is a curl on the back of your nape that I frequently caress,
    so often, I think it has hidden.
    It has hidden among your other curls,
    correctly assembled in disarray.
    I don't remember what it was like before you,
    you without me; with a degree in planning.
    Sketching pillars and accepting the beauty of Rome.
    Telling myself that if I build my body with their architecture in mind,
    it will be easier for my lungs to collapse within their cage.
    I’ll tell others that there is a fight between gladiators tomorrow.
    The winner will be the last organ to stop working.
    There is a scar on your cheek, and you carry your burdens with you.
    I hide them.
    And you have managed to love them out of me,
    As my lungs learn to respire without fear,
    I have learned to validate your troubles.
    And it is okay.
    You can displace them within me.
    I have built a coliseum with my ribs,
    and before, my insides suffocated.
    Now I take your burdens,
    and everything you never said before,
    you can place here.
    There is a slope to your nose, and my fingers trace it.
    What a subtle thing love is, uniquely yours.

    - P.A