• disrupted 6w

    I'm injured
    Darling I'm in pain
    My emotions are flowing freely
    Just like the pouring rain
    I'm at the top of the mountain
    recalling each one of your lies
    I look down and the world's blurry
    or mabye it's just my teary eyes
    All you do is let me down
    I build me up
    And then you break me down
    Pieces fall apart one by one
    feelings fade away day by day
    But my love was pure as water
    raining down drop by drop
    You turned off my world
    but you could never turn off
    my tear filled clouds.
    You say you won't give up on me
    But you fix me when I'm unbroken
    You love me while I'm happy
    You adore me while I'm strong
    When I break, you run away
    When I'm sad, you stay away
    When I need you to say,
    you remain silent
    You always find a way
    Not to love me, but to leave.
    You escape.