• aparajita_ 31w

    Our friendship

    From being strangely in a room
    To getting to know eachother!
    From Reserving seat for eachother
    To not adjusting with anyone else
    From that 10 rupees rolls
    To 50 rupees panipuri!
    From Don't sit together in my class!
    To, why is she absent?
    From why are you both laughing like this
    To crying on each one's shoulder!
    From attending boring classes
    To bunking classes!
    From you are coming right?
    To okay I will also not!
    From choosing career
    To leaving hometown!
    From hours of talking
    To 5 minutes conversation!
    From taking selfies together
    To saving ugly pictures of eachother!
    From Retrica videos
    To musically fun!
    From daily conversation
    To I'll call to right when I get time!
    From not meeting on Sundays
    To meeting hardly once in 4 months!
    From you know here no one is like you
    To come here soon!
    From I miss you so much
    To crying hours together over video call!
    Our friendship is never ending
    Temporary distance helps to build our bond
    More stronger and sweeter