• _creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ 9w

    I prepared myself, to open closets and dangle from hangers, camouflaging my clouded heart with anti-matter from another universe. I prepared myself, to die in the impact of rain drops hitting your windshield and encrypt on the glass, the fragrance of my repressed emotions, hoping you'd not start the wiper. I prepared myself, to smile and pretend at the mention of you. I prepared myself, to push the whole of my heart, into an abyss of sweet acids, consuming it with guilt. I prepared myself, to be stranded on an island, with my threadbare fingers, telling the sands, our unfinished story. I prepared myself, to be ripped apart by unblissful ignorance, and balance my weight on the cockeyed bridge, of hope that promises me a final glimpse at your face, before i kiss my death bed. I prepared myself, to love you while seeing you love somebody else. I prepared myself, to think of all the world but you. I prepared myself, and yet, here I am thinking of all the world : you. I prepared myself, and yet, here I am, curled up on the bathroom floor, thinking what I could have done, to make you stay.

    //unblissful ignorance