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    I know that heavy, hollow yet hurtful feeling in the chest,
    I know the feeling of throwing up in the middle of dinner with family,
    I know the feeling of your gut twisting,
    I know that breathless feeling right before you break down,
    I know that overwhelming anger out of the blue,
    I know what nights without sleep does to your mind,
    I know what constant exhaustion feels like,
    I know that "I just can't do it anymore" feeling,
    I know that "what is happening to me" feeling,
    I know the "this is never getting any better" feeling,

    I know, trust me I do
    And it is because I know, I know it's going to get better. It's not always going to hurt so bad, the fear of falling asleep and getting nightmares won't be so petrifying, the fear of breaking down with the slightest of trigger won't be so much

    So if you want to take some more time, take it
    If you want to stay in bed a little longer, stay
    If you feel your emotions are exploding, then cry
    If you feel like sitting alone for sometime would do you good then go away for a while and sit alone
    Do what makes you feel better, and then pick your phone up and call me if you finally feel like talking
    I promise I'll be there for you ❤️
    Mental health is as important as physical health, but is often neglected.
    The fear of being judged by people takes over being okay, because someone suffering from mental illness was told to "sleep it off" or "it's just in your head".
    Invalidating someone's pain is the worst thing you can do.

    So please don't give up yet, this pain won't be forever, it won't always be so miserable.
    Your story has many good chapters coming your way
    Hold on soldier ; your story isn't over yet ❤️

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