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    " Just like our ephemeral existence the joy and sorrow are just like tenants switching rooms..."

    -Nitya Bhatia

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    Twin Sharing

    It's been a long time since,
    our eyes percieved each other
    there is no second entity here,
    only two sides
    to one personality
    they don't meet very often
    yet they thrive
    because of each other
    you need a conflicting opposite
    to distinguish, to discern
    like there is no joy,
    when joy is all you have known,
    no sorrow when troubles
    are the only frequent visitors
    at your door,
    But to know them together
    complimenting companions,
    alternatively emerging,
    a canvas so appealing,
    celebrate the green that
    arised from your blue,
    let your tears adorn the easel
    and the delight
    break in monochromes,
    overlapping each other,
    like layers of a fruit trifle,
    what is life really worth
    when all is seasoned with salt?