• shunyaa 5w

    •A Story of unsaid words•

    You're neither God...Nor Devil..
    Just a piece of Human..
    Being a saraswat ..
    Of Higher Class..
    But in you I've seen many flaws...

    Saw you first at your Fresher's..
    The Confidence was High..
    And mine was Low..
    That's y just felt to appreciate your Glow

    I never knew..
    You..Do have a dark side..
    Was so busy..
    in searching...A Konkani Good n Safe guy..

    "You're a man of Egoism And pride..
    क्या करेगा रखकर ऐसी Personnel side.."
    I really feel pity for such plight..

    My Hate for you...
    Is comparable with d peak of Everest..
    I don't know...
    With you why I got attracted..

    You're definitely not a Brahmachri..
    As you are interested in many Naaris

    ON 12 august...
    I abused you for 2hours like anything...
    Yelled at you..
    And in my mind, 1000 times I killed you..
    (#you met with an accident)

    On 13th August...
    It was my first..
    And..From then
    I Stopped respecting you...
    After seeing you...
    At Your Worst..

    It was my fault..
    Prior knowing you..
    Why did I trust..
    But i did...It..
    May be that was still attraction NOT Lust

    On 31st October..
    I was actually got...Worried..
    That's y...
    Thought being your concern friend to have a visit..

    Things went...Wrong..
    I don't know HoW...?
    It was not only your fault...but Mine too

    You won the game...
    After loosing
    Some of us like you


    To be Honest..
    I wanted...You...To stay happy in your life..
    To be a winner...From every side..

    And see...M totally...Out from your Life..

    At farewell..
    Was not interested to tangle myself..With you..
    Couldn't resist...
    And instantly ....Remembered our last Dental-Dance..

    Well it was the last time...
    M not gonna see your ugly personality which posses a man like you..

    M not sorry for anything..
    Neither for slaps..
    Nor for the feelings..

    Frankly ,m Not afraid of you...
    I have stood still and bravely confronted you

    Wanted to be your well wisher...For few more years...
    To be True ,
    Wanted to be your First Fan...!!
    After seeing your Natsamraat act..
    But you couldn't handle the Life scenes and stuff ...And that's d ugly FACT....!!!;(